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The increased complexity of modern fire protective systems and the facilities they protect, coupled with the escalating consequential costs of a fire or explosion increases the need for litigated recovery. The investigation, documentation, analysis and presentation of the technical aspects are often critical in attaining a just resolution of such disputes.

J.M.Cholin Consultants, Inc., investigates fires and explosions. We follow a careful process of documenting the explosion/fire scene, gathering all the information possible, assembling and organizing the information into a comprehensible form, analyzing the information to identify the process and progress of the fire or explosion.

Once we have achieved the understanding of the locus and mechanism of ignition we then develop those presentational materials necessary to explain these technical issues to a non-technical audience.

J.M.Cholin Consultants, Inc. provides Technical Coordination for Fire and Explosion cases. We assemble the best experts available for each of the technical aspects of the case, assist in the formulation of interrogatories and deposition questions, review testimony and assist the leader of the legal team in the interpretation and assessing the import of the technical facts in the case. In this way the Technical Coordinator frees the litigator of some of the burden of coordination, management, over-sight and interpretation. J.M.Cholin Consultants, Inc. brings an experienced coordinator to the team.



Fire Scene Investigation and Documentation

Explosion Site Investigation and Documentation

Technical Analysis

Opinion Presentation