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All too often products offered to the fire protection community fail to attain their market objectives because the product design fails to address some of the demands of the intended application. Conversely, products are often mis-applied due to a failure of the specifier to understand the limitations of a particular technology. J.M.Cholin Consultants, Inc. is unique in that it possesses both the product engineering and the applications engineering expertise in a single organization.

J.M.Cholin Consultants, Inc. provides the fire protection equipment manufacturer with the engineering insights gained from 20 years of solving problems of system design and implementation in a wide range of industrial and commercial environments. When this experience is introduced early in the product design process significant advantages can be accrued when the completed product is brought to market. We provide codes and standards compliance review, liaison with U.L. and F.M., applications engineering review, technical analysis and fire protective product design services for the manufacturer of fire protection equipment.



Product Design

Product Analysis

Liaison with Testing Laboratories