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With the ever increasing complexity of today's fire protective systems there is a perpetual need for training. The technology is changing at a daunting rate. It is a major challenge for most decision-makers to stay current in her/his own specialty. It takes a specialist to stay current in the fire protective systems technology. J.M.Cholin Consultants, Inc., is such a specialist.

Whether the client is a facility operator, owner, architect or engineer, distributor or contractor, J.M.Cholin Consultants, Inc., provides tutorial services in the form of technical articles, manufacturer's instruction manuals, manufacturer's installation manuals, seminars and training programs, all tailored to the specific needs of the client.

Our principal, John M. Cholin, P.E., FSFPE, is a recognized public speaker. He is known for taking complex technical concepts and making them understandable to very divers audiences. His intimate knowledge of fire detection and protection technologies, the physics and chemistry of both combustion and the industrial environment provide the background for clear and concise explanations of some of the most difficult concepts.



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